Take a DIY Approach to Dinner at Mezeh Mediterranean Grill

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After a whole year of eating meals at home, you want takeout. But you don’t necessarily want to break the calorie bank, right? Well, Mezeh Mediterranean Grill could be the perfect solution. This fast-casual spot serves up freshly prepared, healthy Mediterranean fare that delights taste buds.

The idea is a build-your-own model with a simple, yet flavorful menu. First up you choose your meal: bowl, flatbread wrap, or a pita pocket! Easy peasy. Then, fill your meal with goodies. You choose a base with a mix of leafy greens or grain options. Add protein from chicken or steak shawarma to lamb kefta or falafel for the vegetarians. Then is the fun part: choosing all your toppings! If you like a kick add some spicy hummus, spicy crunchy chickpeas, or harissa dip. If you’re keeping it clean, go for the Lebanese tabbouleh or lemon mint carrots. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as there are 30 topping options at any given time. Finally, drizzle it with some sauce, and voila! Time to enjoy.

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