Order the Crab Cake Sandwich at Light House Bistro

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Eat, drink, and have a good time at Light House Bistro! Tasty food and delicious beverages—what more could you want? This is the kind place where they strive to perfect every single dish and drink they serve you, only wanting to give you the best and nothing less! Some of their yummy menu items to try are their grilled turkey burger, California wrap, and crab cake sandwich. For beverages, try one of their lattes or order a glass of a Bistro Bloody Mary. 

You’ll love everything about this relaxed, charming atmosphere filled with a staff that will work to make everyone’s visit wonderful from start to finish. It’s a very welcoming place and great for everyone, no matter who walks through the doors. You can expect good vibes all around and may want to make this your new favorite spot in town. Gather a group of friends or family together and head over soon for the perfect night out. 

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