Sip and Swish a Wine Flight at Barcelona Reston

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The wine list at Barcelona Reston is so extensive, you might have a hard time picking just one pour. So don’t. A flight is a great way to taste-test a few different vinos from across the globe. For help narrowing down your selection, just ask your server or pull up the online wine list. It allows you to sort by type of wine and region of the world, making easy work of finding a wine that suits your palate.

Then all that’s left to do is pick which dishes you want to enjoy alongside your wine. True to its name, Barcelona recreates the Spanish dining experience by sticking mostly to tapas and charcuterie plates. Order an eclectic mix of the small plates to taste-test everything that Spanish cuisine has to offer. Start with cheese and charcuterie from Spain, then add marinated olives and marcona almonds to the mix. While you munch on these, place an order for the next round—maybe the patatas bravas, the jamon and manchego croquetas, and the bacon-wrapped dates. Some of the tapas draw influence from other parts of the Mediterranean and even South America, like the spiced beef empanadas and the baba ganoush.

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