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Find One-of-a-Kind Gifts at Easy Street - Stone Point Apartments Blog

Find One-of-a-Kind Gifts at Easy Street

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One local describes Easy Street like this: a “go-to place for tasteful, stylish, and contemporary handmade gifts that you don’t find elsewhere (particularly at the mall).” So whether you’re looking for a last-minute gift or want to find a new statement piece for your apartment, Easy Street has something that will suit you.

Even if you walk in without any specific ideas in mind, the notoriously friendly and helpful staff will be happy to point you in the right direction or help you brainstorm. Easy Street specializes in artisan-made pieces of decor, but the exact selection changes all the time. You might see artisan-blown glassworks, from decorative bowls to hanging sailboats and balloons, or you could stumble upon mosaic glass masterpieces designed to catch the afternoon light. Looking for something to uplift a friend? Easy Street often has framed quotes that are as beautiful as they are mood-boosting. They might be the perfect gift for anyone who could use a positive mantra hanging in their home office.

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