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Begin Thanksgiving Day at the 3rd Annual Turkey Lerky Trot - Stone Point Apartments Blog

Begin Thanksgiving Day at the 3rd Annual Turkey Lerky Trot

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As Thanksgiving nears, you might already be starting to reflect on everything you’re grateful for this year. If your health is on that list, you may want to pay forward your good fortune by joining the 3rd Annual Turkey Lerky Trot. The charity run raises funds to support those suffering from poor mental health, specifically contributing to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

When you register for the 5K ($30), a portion of that fee will go directly to this organization that’s working to reduce the stigma around discussing mental health and filling the gaps in care that contribute to poor mental health. Come to the L.A. Fitness in Pasadena a little early on Thanksgiving morning to grab your commemorative athletic T-shirt and warm up before hitting the B&A Trail. The flat, easy race course is open to anyone and everyone regardless of fitness level. In fact, you’re free to walk the 5K if that’s what’s most comfortable for you. All that really matters is that you’re showing up for members of your community who may be struggling, a wonderful way to begin your Thanksgiving day.

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