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Enjoy an Al Fresco Wine Flight at Great Frogs - Stone Point Apartments Blog

Enjoy an Al Fresco Wine Flight at Great Frogs

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If you love to support local businesses—and you also love a great glass of wine—you should definitely know about Great Frogs. The local vineyard and winery operate as a true labor of love helmed by owners the O’Sheas. The husband-wife duo enlists the help of an experienced team to prune and harvest their vines by hand, often working through the night to ensure the temperature doesn’t negatively affect the production of their Chesapeake Bay wines. 

Their hard work pays off, resulting in a variety of high-quality local wines available by the bottle or the pour in both the indoor tasting room and out on the patio. On a warm day, step up to the service counter and treat yourself to a pre-bottled flight of six wines for just $30. Grab a few snacks designed specifically for pairing, then sit down at a high-top or picnic table out on the patio and soak up the sun. On a chilly or rainy day, make a reservation online and you can enjoy the same experience indoors. Whenever you taste a vino you like, make a note so you can grab a full bottle to take home with you!

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