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Savor Local, Seasonal Small Plates at Level - Stone Point Apartments Blog

Savor Local, Seasonal Small Plates at Level

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Level’s chef keeps the menu flexible with an ever-changing array of small plates, and for good reason. The chef prioritizes local ingredients from Maryland as much as possible, from fruits and veggies grown nearby to seafood caught in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. By focusing on small plates, the kitchen team can use whatever Maryland’s small, sustainable producers provide to create new and exciting dishes daily. The dynamic menu certainly seems to go over well with patrons, who just awarded the restaurant a “Best of Annapolis” badge in 2021 (among its many other customer-awarded accolades).

Stop in for dinner and drinks to see what the chef is working on that day. Although the menu changes constantly, you can always expect a mix of shareable appetizers, veggie-based plates, a mix of seafood and meat tapas, and inventive desserts. They all pair well with the crat cocktails and mocktails alike. Savor a plate of local cheeses with house-made pickles and seasonal jam followed by a spring salad or Brussels sprouts prepared with fresh local herbs. Then enjoy shrimp and grits or tuna tartare, if they’re available that day, along with meat dishes like barbecue pork ribs or duck risotto.

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